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At EXIT Heritage we help each agent brand themselves.

At EXIT Heritage Real Estate, we help each agent brand him or herself and then we show you how to market that brand to the community. We teach you how to bundle the power and recognition of the EXIT name with your own unique selling proposition and present them in the most compelling way to your prospects and clients. EXIT’s one-stop, robust, affordable marketing resource, EXIT Promo Shop, contains a CRM, newsletters, campaigns, flyers and much more. EXIT Realty removes the B and C priorities allowing agents to focus on the A priority of selling real estate.

EXIT Heritage builds strong real estate agents and helps them to be successful. We have noticed that most companies focus on the numbers and not the individual. We believe that working to strengthen each agent makes the team more productive and successful. We don’t believe MORE is better, we believe BETTER is better.

In this video, EXIT Realty’s Director of Leadership, Bob McKinnon, describes EXIT’s 5 pillars of success and how they help to get, keep and grow good real estate agents.

If you are considering a career in real estate, we would love to talk with you. Call Dan Hickman at 207-523-0906 for a confidential interview today!

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